I was raised a Mennonite girl in southern Ontario. Erase images of buggies and bonnets. My Dad's an Electrician and collects antique cars. The closest thing I have to a bonnet is a mesh back cap adorned with the phrase "Shell Yeah!". Clearly we are rebellious Mennonites. In a roundabout journey through the prairies, a castle in the English countryside, our nation's capital (the first and the second), I landed firmly in Toronto where there isn't enough space to raise a barn. Not that I could, but you know, I've got people. 

I love the hustle and bustle of city life but the country girl in me is constantly beckoning me to slow down, declutter, and simplify. Creating simple beautiful moments out of simple beautiful things. Like paper and twine. 

Prior to my time in the voluntary sector serving as a full time solo Mom to three young kids, I worked in events. I organized concerts, walk-a-thons, galas, media and community events. I found myself fussing over the little details that transform an event into a beautiful memory. 


It seems I was cursed with a combination type A anal personality suited to organization and logistics and an artist's soul with a deep need to create. Naturally I suppressed the artist for as long as I could but motherhood drew her out. My days were spent in the company of three little kids overflowing with curiosity who didn't yet know that they were supposed to suppress their creative urges in favour of more practical pursuits. This left me inspired to do the same.  I snuck out of the house at night to take any class I could find that would satisfy the thirst - pottery, painting, mosaic, flower arranging, photography, cake decorating - anything I could find. Anything I could learn. Anything I could create. 

Whether I'm setting the stage for a magical holiday, capturing precious family moments for the photo wall or creating confectionary dreams to entice squeals of delight - I'm in my element. 

Paper and Twine Co. was created with the aim of providing a range of creative services to families in Toronto. Not to be confused with Family Services - my aim is to help you avoid them by making it easier to have the little things that matter to you without the stress and worry. Whether it's a lack of time or interest - let me tend to the precious little details so you can take care of the precious little people that matter most to you. 

Like the quilts my Mom stitches together, my aim is to take the chaos and beauty of family life and help piece together some of those loose ends into something beautiful. And if I happen to tie those loose ends into a bow, forgive me, I can't help myself.  

Life. Made. Simple. 


Shelley Lepp

Paper & Twine Co. 

 Paper&Twine Co.