Paper & Twine Co. is all about creating simple, beautiful things but you've already created the most beautiful thing - you're family. So you go ahead and make the memories and I'll just tag along to help you capture those precious moments for the days you need a little reminder that you do, in fact, love your family. 


Classic Family Shoots (Approx. 1hr)  - Interactive adventure-based shoots capture your family, big or small, at its best. Shoots are typically outdoors and informal, resulting in a range of shots which are all provided to you for one flat fee. You receive digital copies of all your edited pics in a mix of colour and black and white (or whatever you prefer) and they are yours to do with as you please. -$200 


*family is all encompassing - just kids, parents, grandparents, the family pet, you and your BFF, couples, engagement shots, whomever you happen to love and want pics with (or have lukewarm feelings towards but feel obligated to take pics with ; )


Mini Shoots  (Approx. 20 min) -  great for a quick refresh of the family photo wall or when the extended family is getting together on a rare or special occasion. One location, a few poses. Phew. That was easy! -$75


Special Assignment

Have a quirky request? Go ahead and ask. Some of my favourite gigs have come from strange requests. For instance I was once asked to photograph a stump. As in tree stump. Not amputation. But I would do that too. For you? Anything. 


**Please note all prices are based on Toronto shoots. If travel is required, additional fees may apply. 




*enough already, you’re making me blush*


“You are so talented! I love them all! Thank you! We enjoyed our time with you too!” - Mary Beth


“Oh my gosh! I love them!!! Thank you so much!!! They look awesome.” –Karen


“Thank-you so much for these and moreover, for taking the time to do these for us! It was great! These are beautiful.” – Anne


“Love them all!! Already passed them onto the girls and look forward to seeing more as they come in. Best photographer ever!” – Hannah & Joel (aka. The Bride and Groom)

 Paper&Twine Co.